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The Science and Art of Indian cuisine

The Science and Art of Indian cuisine

Shanghai has long been renowned for its destination-worthy Indian dining; Masala Art, the brainchild of Founder Rajesh Prabhakar, opened way back in 2001. Rajesh believes "Cooking Indian food is a science as well as an art – bringing together a perfect blend of exotic spices".

Indian cuisine aficionados or those mere craving 'Ghar-Ka-Khana' (home-cooked food) will have their appetites satiated here. ''At Masala Art, we are innovating with unique twists creating home-cooked experiences for guests at every visit".

There is always a good atmosphere at OCC meets, but tonight there was undoubtedly something special in the air. Spirits were high, the anticipation for a great curry night was palpable, and once the levity and banter fused with the Old Monk - it was time to feast!

Highlights from the nights menu include: Hot from the kiln ‘Bhatti Ka Murgh Tikka’, ferocious ‘Lamb Vindaloo’, a delicate yogurty ‘Chicken Safrani Murgh’, slow-cooked ‘Lentil Dal’, stir-fried Okra ‘Bhindi Do Pyaza’, and the delightful ‘Chana Bhatura’, the surprise standout of the many delicious freshly baked breads.

Rightly so, Rajesh is proud of the ambience that "radiates Indian culture, art and heritage and transports you to the land of love, colour, joy and culture".


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