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Time was “*NOT*” of the essence...

The OCC traveled from all parts of the UK (Peterborough, Essex & London) to visit Gandhi’s who are situated in the SE11.

Gandhi’s had the illustrious opportunity in welcoming the famous OCC where be it in the past this Indian cuisine is well known to have welcomed guests such as Boris Johnson, Gordon Brown, John Major, and UK’s favourite This Morning’s couple Richard & Judy who have all sampled the supposedly finest Indian taste that Kennington has to offer. Was Gandhi’s going to to live up to the world famous name for the OCC...

This was the first meet with the new extensive Covid government guidelines in place where all dining establishments had to close at 10pm. The OCC did not think this would be an issue as we were seated and ready to crack pops at 7.30pm OST. It was clear to see that Gandhi’s were covid secure with hand sanitiser, test and trace, and the 6 per table rule all in place - Covid Secure 📋☑️

The popadoms and all the sauces were ordered, arrived, and then consumed in formula 1 fashion. The starters and mains were ordered in a per table fashion - time to start the stopwatch.... starters arriving 1 hour and 30 minutes after being seated, yes the time of a football match.

Starters arrived and consumed, with some questions being asked on the quality. Shameful to say some starters were returned for replacements... but unfortunately the substitute starter was still not meeting the required taste of some OCC members.

Tick tock tick tock who’s afraid of a big round clock... not Captain Hook tonight, but the OCC. The time was 21.30pm and the mains had just arrived. The OCC have just under 30 minutes to eat, pay, do AOB, and leave before the po po (police) come knocking.

Unfortunately it was again noticeable that questions were being asked about the visible quality of the mains. There was no time to do anything... time was not of the essence.


Customer Care - 5.46

Service - 4.92

Value - 6.20

Quality - 6.28

Atmosphere - 6.71

Total Score - 5.91 ⌛️

One noticeable “above and beyond” Gandhi’s did seem to do on there own accord was not to permit any females into the restaurant during the meet.




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Customer Care







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