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Traditions upheld at the India Club?

12th May 2023

The India Club, situated within the historic Hotel Strand Continental in London (WC2R 1JA), certainly knows how to transport its diners back in time. As a member of the esteemed Oakham Curry Club, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the unique charm of this curry restaurant.

Walking into the venue felt like, as Giddings rightfully pointed out, “stepping into a time warp”, instantly transporting us to the 60s/70s. The decor, with its vintage furniture and retro wallpaper, truly captured the essence of that era. It was a nostalgic experience that brought back memories of a bygone time.

One aspect that truly stood out as mentioned by our member Pep was the “booming atmosphere” within The India Club. The lively chatter and clinking of glasses created an ambiance that was infectious. It was evident that this place was popular among locals and tourists alike, with its vibrant energy filling every corner of the restaurant.

The India Club clearly takes pride in preserving its traditional roots, offering an authentic taste of Indian cuisine from yesteryears. The menu boasts a wide range of classic dishes, each bursting with traditional flavors and spices. As member Donny rightly quoted the “food certainly had a level of authenticity”. The chefs certainly know their craft, delivering dishes that are both rich and aromatic.

While we, the Oakham Curry Club, have give this curry house an average score of 6.78, which suggests room for improvement, it’s definitely worth calling out that the

dining experience is truly unique. It is a restaurant that takes you back in time. We found the restaurant's retro charm, booming atmosphere, and authentic flavors to be a delightful combination. If you're looking for a curry restaurant that offers more than just a meal, The India Club is definitely worth a visit.

Customer care - 6.22

Service - 6.28

Value - 6.75

Quality - 6.67

Atmosphere - 8

Overall - 6.78


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