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Twas the meet before Christmas

The Curry Leaf

Mau Lam Street

December 2018

Twas the meet before Christmas,

And the night did it stir,

For the OCC men,

Were up for some murgh,

For some lamb, samosa and beef,

They ventured to Kowloon

Deep down, to the curry leaf.

Friendly staff welcomed us there,

And handled our beer order

With the greatest of care.

Crispy poppadoms soon did arrive,

And chicken tikka

You could cut with a scythe.

A creamy chicken curry,

Was the best that we’d had,

Yet through merriment and drunkness,

Its name escapes this foolish lad.

Overall, the OCC was pleased,

And felt that the curry god,

She would, be appeased.

Twas the meet before Christmas,

And the curry leaf was approved by the chorus.

Quality: 7.8

Value: 8.1

Service: 7.4

Customer Care: 6.9

Atmosphere: 6.3

overall: 7.32


OCC Core Competencies








Customer Care







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