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Unintentional private dining at Shah Jehan!

This month’s meet took us back to a restaurant that hadn’t been visited since 2015! Seven years later it was time to check if the Shah Jehan could live up to the previous total score of 7.70.

Shah Jehan sits in the heart of Peterborough, on a bustling road of competing curry houses and mobile phone repair shops.

Upon arrival, the OCC were greeted by a friendly waitress whom seemed delighted to welcome the OCC. It was clear they were aware that the OCC are a globally renowned curry club as we were seated on a long table in the centre of the restaurant like we were the royals at a royal banquet. The atmosphere at this point was mellow as we were the only attendees at the restaurant at this time. Little did we know at the time but it turned out we were going to be the only attendees all night. It was like a private dining experience for the OCC. It became clear that Shah Jehan’s main focus has shifted to a delivery service rather than restaurant dining. Naturally this had an impact on the atmosphere score which will be revealed at the end of this blog.

Following on from the above, it was nice to have our own private waitress and she was friendly, humorous, attentive and efficient. No criticisms towards her, she made the visit very enjoyable.

There was mixed feelings towards the food with one of the highlights selections being a special dish called the hyderabadi lamb – so good it was ordered again! A further notable dish which received positive reviews was the Punjabi garlic chicken tikka which was described as ‘actually very tasty’. On the contrary, there was a very dry chicken shashlik and notes of a madras sauce being oily and bland.

All in all it was an extremely pleasant meet catching up with fellow curry enthusiasts and revisiting a restaurant that has provided so many memories for the OCC. From all of the above the overall scores are as follows:

Customer Care: 7.40

Customer Service: 7.55

Value: 7.10

Quality: 6.75

Atmosphere: 3.55

Total Score: 6.47/10


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