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Get lost in the Balti Triangle at Shebabs!

Being given the coveted title of CHAss for a meet is every members dream and so we dreamed big….. AN AWAY MEET. The OCC drove west for 90 minutes to Birmingham, to visit Shababs Balti House. Shababs sits in the heart of the Balti triangle and they pride themselves on simple food, done well and consistently. Do not be put off by the thought of simple food though because what they class as simple is incredibly tasty on the palate.

The OCC were seated at the heart of the restaurant, chitter chatter amongst fellow diners rang through the restaurant and the smell of curry filled everyone’s nostrils. The atmosphere was duly noted by the OCC and scored a very respectable 8 out of 10. Freshly cooked poppadoms were delivered to the table as the meet began but one slight problem was the sauces. They were too runny and instead of being able to coat and dip the poppadoms in them, they created a puddle on the plate but hopefully this was just a one off minor blip.

Now this is where Shababs set themselves apart from other restaurants the OCC have visited. The attention to making sure every customer has a curry they want, tailored to their every needs and desire of their taste buds was unseen before. They took customer care to a new level which is why they scored 8.5 for customer care.

The starters were succulent, they really did get the taste buds going with one member very pleased at how well the meat held the flavoursome spices whilst keeping its juiciness. The combinations of meat and spices really made it a hard choice to choose mains from the menu with the vast range of Baltis constantly drawing your eyes to various parts of the menu after a member had spotted something very tasty. The opportunity to not just stick with your chosen curry but add extra meat and spices was something the OCC members were amazed at. The quality of food scores a very respectable 7.33 which was only low compared to others due to the sauces provided with the poppadoms. If you want a restaurant that caters for everyone’s needs then Shababs is the place for you.

Not only do Shababs create these incredibly tasty curries and serve them in the traditional dishes they are cooked in, they do it at an incredibly affordable price. The value of Shababs for the quality they produce scored them a great score of 8.57 for value.

A bring your own booze restaurant at the heart of the Balti triangle where they really do aim to please every customer with simple but quality and consistently well cooked food. Shababs were incredible hosts and the OCC had a truly wonderful evening. If you ever find yourself in the Balti triangle or just want a new place to try then the OCC definitely recommend Shababs Balti House scoring a well deserved 8.04 out of 10.


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