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Wait, which one is it?

Tulsi, North Point

Quality: 7.6

Value: 6.5

Service: 7.5

Customer Care: 7.1

Atmosphere: 7

Overall: 7.15

Tulsi, North Point is OCC recommended

On Friday 17th May the Curry Connoisseurs of the OCC Hong Kong branch ventured to North Point to sample the delights of Tulsi and were happily, not disappointed. It should be noted at this point, dear reader, that there are in fact a number of branches of Tulsi; confusingly for some members of the OCC there is also one in Quarry Bay a mere stone’s throw away from the venue of the evening’s meet.

As a result of this confusion, the majority skipped the pre-meet drinks and instead headed straight to the restaurant arriving 30 minutes before the official booking. Whilst in some restaurants this could leave you waiting outside on a humid May evening, this was not the case with Tulsi. The arriving members were instead welcomed with open arms and cold beer served at a swift pace. Poppadoms were offered to those that arrived early but, as all good gentlemen should, we waited for the remainder of our party to arrive before we began dining. As all members arrived the table was extended to allow for comfortable seating for all and so the meal could begin.

A key goal of the OCC Brethren is the search for crispy poppadoms and on this evening, we were not disappointed. With light and crispy poppadoms being delivered at a rapid fire the meeting was in full flow, along with the repeated rounds of Kingfisher being delivered to the table. It was noted by a number of members that it was great to have a choice of sauces to go along with the poppadoms; an all too commonly overlooked detail in a number of Hong Kong curry houses. With it being his last meet DDD was charged with ordering with guidance being willingly dispensed by the staff.

Customary starters of samosas and onion bhajis were delivered and the conversation seemed to dip in volume slightly which can only mean that they were good. Little did we know that the true pièce de résistance of the starters was about to arrive. As plates of panipuri were placed on the table there was some scepticism. None were left questioning the choice upon tasting these explosions of flavour; best consumed in one bite as to avoid spilling the sauce within all down yourself.

As all the plates were cleared we heard the familiar sizzle of a tandoori mixed grill on its way. This was recommended to us by the waiter whilst ordering, the selection was good, everything was cooked well and the flavours were exactly what you would expect.

With the meal moving along at a considerable pace the curries arrived. The highlight of the course being the lamb vindaloo; one member noted in their review that they would return purely for that vindaloo. The rest of the curries were the standard fare and it seemed the meal may have peaked early on. A good selection of naan bread was offered up and there was certainly enough variation in flavours and spice to leave every curry fan satisfied.

The bill came to $500 a head, more than you would typically expect to pay, especially outside of the Central and Mid-Levels area, though this is reflected in the value score.

Overall, Tulsi is a solid Indian restaurant and a good option if you ever find yourself in North Point or nearby and after an easy option. One thing is certainly for sure, the North Point branch far outshines the previously reviewed and frankly abysmal Tulsi and Wine in Sai Ying Pun.


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