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Yak & Yeti - Taste of the Himalayas

Oakham Curry Club Shanghai's June Meet: Yak & Yeti - Taste of the Himalayas

Yak & Yeti, which describes itself as a globally-inspired Himalayan restaurant serving Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian dishes, is one of Shanghai's 2023 talks of the town.

The restaurant is nestled under the bright lights and bustle of the XiangYang and ChangLe corner and is a unique dining destination well worth discovering. The intimate yet enchanting blurring of blue neon lights and traditional Himalayan aesthetics hint at the delightful fusion of flavours on the menu. The layout circles around a central bar, enhancing the small space with a mixture of high-backed bar stalls, cosy nooks and warmly lit terrace seating. The space has been thoughtfully designed and the atmosphere is neatly complimented with soothing balearic lounge bar vibes that evoke the tranquillity of the plateau, an escape from the city.

The first dish to grace the bar top was the Himalayan Nachos. Fresh, crispy mini-poppadoms served with a side relish of crunchy carats, peanuts, cucumbers and onions. These were quickly followed by the signature dish, the Everest Momos, a selection of silky-soft envelopes popped-full of delicious fillings served classically, plain and fluffy, or saucy and sticky with a sweet and sour glaze. These were washed down with an ice-cold beer for a perfect opening served by our host, the always smiling Anup Rajbhandari, the proprietor and the visionary on a mission to bring these diverse Himalayan flavours inspired by his Nepalese upbringing to Shanghai's culinary scene.

Where Yak & Yeti surpasses itself, perhaps not by surprise, is in the small dishes, ideal for a tapas-style bar top meal, and as we continued to climb to new culinary heights, the Grilled Chicken and Pork Sekuwap were next up. These skewered and succulent protein bombs were marinated in a blend of Nepalese spices, herbs, and yoghurt and grilled to perfection with mouthwatering char and juiciness packed full into every bite. The Bara is a delicious lentil pancake, a classic Nepali appetizer consisting of spiced lentil patties served here with a combination of minced chicken fried eggs and herbs. Readily available on the streets of Katmandu, a rare but fabulous find in Shanghai.

It was at this point that we bid farewell to legend that is Barry 'Bazmati' as this was his final meet and leaving do. But it was as we listened to the speech documenting his many achievements, most notably the OCC's first Chutney Master, that we, those to be left behind, pondered a future without his magic chutneys that a new contender entered via an anonymous drop-off. However, on this occasion at least, Bazmati's legacy remains intact, winning the impromptu chutney challenge 12 to 1 and beating the incognito dip. For now, at least, we shall continue to remember him fondly as we plunge our poppadoms into inferior sauces. Bon voyage Baz, good luck in Dubai!

Now, and in need of a cleanser, the Pani Puri arrived. These delightful street food masterpieces were the perfect palette refresher between bites. A burst of tangy tamarind and a medley of fresh, aromatic spices housed in a delicate, crispy shell. With a slurp and pop, we were reset and craving more.

As we ascended towards the summit, it was time for the mains, starting with another signature dish, the Night Safari Chicken Curry, served alongside perfectly roasted Roti, the traditional flatbreads of the region. A mild yet richly spiced curry with chicken cooked to perfection, allowing the flavours of the thick, luscious gravy to infuse deep into every juicy bite. The bread's warm and flaky texture was ideal for scooping up every last bit of this tasty curry.

The tantalizing flavours of the Himalayan grilled white fish infused with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemongrass were a deep contrast to the curry and a delightful complement to the mix of exquisite flavours. Tender and flaky fish filet coated in a zesty fragrant garnish.

We concluded proceedings with a hearty Chicken Biriani. Plump meat cooked with nutty, flavorful rice to create the perfect mouthfuls of loveliness. Such an elegant, classic dish. Few places currently serve it better. On the side, a plate of crisp, grilled cauliflower and stir-fried mushroom and asparagus.

Overall, this was a fantastic experience for the OCC, and the food at Yak & Yeti truly embodies the essence of Nepalese cuisine with touches of Tibetan and Indian styles. With its delicious blend of flavours, tender proteins, creative combinations, and aromatic spices, you'd think you were at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Yak & Yeti scored 8.3 for atmosphere, 7.6 for value, 9 for customer care, 8.3 for quality and 8.6 for service, a total of 8.4. Congratulations to Anup and the whole team! OCC approved!


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